Territorial community Pierre LEBRETON 25 October 2023

Start the ecological transition in your area and reduce your energy costs

Reduce the budgetary impact of rising energy prices on your local authority’s operations. Install photovoltaic panels on your local authority’s infrastructure.

Panneaux solaires installés sur une toiture
Keep your budget under control

Build your new public building for less

The construction of a new building always involves a substantial budget. We offer to part-finance the construction of your new metal-frame public building in return for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Install photovoltaic panels on existing buildings

Reduce your local authority’s electricity bill through self-consumption. By installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of existing buildings, you can substantially reduce the impact of fluctuating energy prices on your budget.

Panneaux photovoltaïques sur un bâtiment agricole
Reduce the impact of energy prices on your budget
Hangar d'entreprise
Benefit from subsidies thanks to the CEE

Modernise your lighting by making it more efficient

Save energy by replacing your old lighting with more efficient, energy-saving LED lighting. Lighting accounts for up to 40% of a company’s energy bill, so changing it is a step towards eco-responsibility.

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