Company Pierre LEBRETON 25 October 2023

Reduce your company's energy bill

Reduce your energy bill and control your costs by producing carbon-free electricity on your site. Communicate your commitment to the ecological transition and meet your customers’ expectations.

Ombrières photovoltaïques sur un parking de supermarché
Act for the energy transition

Produce low-carbon electricity on the roof of your building

With energy prices rising across the board, you can control your costs by installing photovoltaic panels on your roof. Use the electricity produced to meet your needs and sell the surplus! Promote your commitment to the ecological transition to your customers.

Enhance your car park with photovoltaic shading systems

Give your users extra comfort by protecting their vehicles from the vagaries of the weather. Power charging stations for electric vehicles

Bornes de recharge pour véhicules électriques
Comply with the ENR law of 10 March 2023
Hangar d'entreprise
Benefit from subsidies thanks to the CEE

Modernise your lighting by making it more efficient

Save energy by replacing your old lighting with more efficient, energy-saving LED lighting. Lighting accounts for up to 40% of a company’s energy bill, so changing it is a step towards eco-responsibility.

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