Photovoltaic building construction Pierre LEBRETON 25 October 2023

Build a photovoltaic building

The construction of a photovoltaic building is usually envisaged for agricultural, industrial or equestrian use. This solution is particularly attractive because it can finance all or part of the construction of the structure via a third-party investor.

  • Use the electricity generated
  • Sell surplus electricity to a supplier

Why you should build a photovoltaic building?

Equip yourself with a brand new photovoltaic building that can be adapted to suit all your needs (industrial building, farm building, riding school, hangar, etc.). Our metal frames are renowned for their strength and quality, giving you a solid, durable building.

The construction of this type of building can represent a significant cost. We offer you a third-party investor solution that covers all the associated costs in return for the electricity produced. This solution allows you to obtain a new structure without having to finance it.

Your benefits

Finance your building with photovoltaic energy

Get a modern building financed entirely by the electricity generated on it.

Expand your business at lower cost

Modernise your infrastructure without breaking the bank.

What are the requirements?


The total surface area must be greater than 600m².


It should be south-facing

How a project works

Analysis of electricity consumption in the case of a self-consumption project only.

Technical visit to the site – Feasibility analysis.

Receipt of a business proposal detailing the project, the proposed photovoltaic power plant, the estimated yield and the project price.

Soil investigation ;
Building permission ;
Request for connection ;
Foundations ;
Construction of the building (metal structure, roofing, etc.) ;
Installing the photovoltaic system ;
Receipt of the building or shade.

Request for Consuel certificate
Declaration or request for connection to the network
Assistance with the purchase contract process with EDF OA

Do you have a project you want to bring to reality?