Photovoltaic power plant Pierre LEBRETON 27 October 2023

Make the most of your available land by installing a ground-based photovoltaic power plant

Do you own undeveloped land that you want to develop?

Adopting our offer for ground-mounted solar projects means giving a second life to unused land, contributing to the fight against climate change, while generating economic spin-offs for you and your local authorities.

  • Lease your land to an electricity producer
  • Exploit low-yield land

Why you should install a ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant?

A ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant generates electricity from the photovoltaic panels installed. The electricity produced is then sold to an electricity supplier at a set price. Installed on large tracts of unexploited land, it offers an interesting way of generating income.

There are many targets for land suitable for a photovoltaic power plant. We are looking for “degraded” sites as defined by the CRE (Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie), i.e. sites where :

  • The site is a polluted or brownfield site;
  • The site is a derelict road or rail port;
  • The site is a former quarry, waste storage facility or mine;
  • The site is a former airfield, abandoned airfield, former airport or abandoned airport;
  • The site is a military site, or a former site, subject to pyrotechnic pollution.

The installation of a ground-mounted power plant is reversible. As soon as the power station becomes obsolete, it is dismantled and the land can be put to new use. We will take full responsibility for this.

The energy produced is entirely local and carbon-free, contributing to the ecological transition.

Moutons sous un panneau photovoltaïque


Agrivoltaic projects are custom-built to ensure synergy between agricultural production and the production of photovoltaic energy on your farm.

These are innovative facilities, sized and adapted to the needs of the farming activity. We are developing projects with sheep, beef and pig farmers. We guarantee that your farm and your agrivoltaic project are a good fit, from the design stage right through to operation of the installation.

The requirements for these solutions provided by SSC are :

  • Guaranteeing the preservation of land ;
  • Maintaining sustainable agriculture;
  • Providing agricultural partners with a modern, reliable and efficient production tool.

By achieving a maximum match between agricultural production and solar production, agrivoltaic projects offer real benefits to crops. It not only meets the challenges facing agriculture, but also solves the problems associated with certain sectors, such as greenhouse market gardening.

Serre photovoltaïques

Your benefits

Generate guaranteed income over 30 years

The resale of the electricity produced will provide you with a guaranteed additional income over 30 years.

Make full use of the potential of your land

Enhance the value of land that until now has had no other use.

What are the requirements?


The total surface area must exceed 4 hectares


Your plot should be well exposed to the sun and easy to access


The connection distance must not be too long


The project must be compatible with the town planning scheme

How a project works

Initial assessment of flora and fauna over 3 to 4 seasons.

Submission of planning permission ;
Instruction ;
Public enquiry.

Submission of application ;
Review by the Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie.

Request for connection ;
Drawing up contracts ;
Carrying out the work.

Do you have a project you want to bring to reality?