Relamping Pierre LEBRETON 4 November 2023

Renovate your lighting system

Thanks to relamping, you can modernise your lighting by replacing all your bulbs with low-energy LEDs. Renewing your lighting is a quick operation with a return on investment in just a few months. This operation may also be eligible for Certificat d’Économie d’Énergies (CEE).

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Boost the performance of your lighting
  • Improve your carbon footprint

Renovate your lighting system

Relamping is an operation that involves renewing the interior and exterior lighting in common areas of buildings to save energy without modifying the electrical infrastructure.

Modernising the lighting system offers a number of advantages, particularly for businesses:

  • Reduced power consumption and maintenance costs;
  • Better lighting quality ;
  • More environmentally-friendly lighting.

An eco-friendly approach
Fifteen years ago, lighting accounted for 19% of the world’s electricity production, and emitted 1,900 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂), a greenhouse gas generator. Energy-guzzling light bulbs may have disappeared from the shelves for good, but they are still present in many homes, condominiums and businesses.

Energy savings
Lighting accounts for an average of 15% of household electricity bills, and up to 40% for businesses.

Since 1 January 2013, incandescent light bulbs have been banned in the European Union, followed by halogen bulbs in 2018. This European policy aims to steer consumers towards low-energy light bulbs that provide better lighting and last longer.

Your benefits

Reduce your electricity bill by up to 50

By modernising your lighting, you’ll make instant electricity savings.

Benefit from more powerful lighting

By modernising your lighting, you’ll make instant electricity savings.

Relamping is covered by the CEE bonus available to private individuals. Under certain conditions, you may be eligible for a grant, the amount of which will vary according to the energy savings achieved. Check your eligibility on the government website.

How a project works

Relamping begins with an inventory of all the interior and exterior lighting equipment (location, energy performance, etc.). It also requires a study of the existing electrical installations. This preliminary examination helps to determine the exact lighting requirements. This is an essential step in implementing an appropriate and optimised solution.

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