Solar power solutions Pierre LEBRETON 6 February 2020

Smart Sustain Company becomes SSC Solar power solutions

Add value to your installations with our photovoltaic solutions

Whether you own buildings or plots of land, you can add value to your assets by installing photovoltaic panels. The electricity produced in this way can be used for self-consumption, with the surplus sold on, or sold in full to an electricity supplier. Depending on the solution you choose, you’re guaranteed a fixed income over 30 years!

We’ll take your solar panel installation project from start to finish, from feasibility study to installation and operation.  

Our photovoltaic solutions are tailored to your needs

Every project is unique. We provide customised, made-to-measure solutions to meet your needs as effectively as possible.

Photographie d'une village français

Territorial community

Panneaux photovoltaïques sur une toiture


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